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Welcome back to The Balanced Dietitian Podcast! Happy December! I hope you are doing well! During my disordered years, this time of year was my most stressful time. Holidays became scary and full of anxiety. Having healed my relationship with food and my body it is so fun to find pleasure in the holidays again […]

Detaching Our Self Worth from Our Body Image with Summer Innanen

December 14, 2022

Welcome back to The Balanced Dietitian Podcast! Happy December my friend! We are in the last month of 2022. The year passed by so fast! I hope that we are doing great as we are getting close to the holidays. I am getting really reflective on the year that has passed.  So much has happened […]

3 Big Mistakes we are Making with Binge Eating

December 7, 2022

Welcome back to The Balanced Dietitian Podcast! How are you doing, my friends? I am super excited about today’s episode.  Today on the podcast I have Toni Marinucci who is a registered dietitian. I am really excited to have her on the podcast because today we are talking about how diet culture can be like […]

 Breaking Up with Diet Culture with Toni Marinucci

November 30, 2022

Welcome back to The Balanced Dietitian Podcast! Happy November! I hope that you are doing wonderful. This time of year can be the hardest because it is cold and gets dark so early. November for me is typically a self-care month where I am actively engaging in more self-care than usual because my brain, body, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Intuitive Eating

November 23, 2022

Welcome back to The Balanced Dietitian Podcast! I am really pumped to be able to share this podcast episode with you. Today we are talking about hormones, hormonal health, and hormonal imbalances, especially in relation to when we are undereating, disordered eating, or struggling with eating disorders. We want to talk about the impact of […]

All About Hormones with Helena Ezzeldin

November 16, 2022

Welcome back to The Balanced Dietitian Podcast! We are in November already. Times are changing. It is getting darker and colder. Life can be so go, go, go sometimes so just being able to slow down and check in on how we are doing can be so helpful.  Today we are going to talk about […]

How Movement and Exercise Fit Into Our Healing Journey 

November 9, 2022

Welcome back to the podcast! Today on the show we are talking all about ADHD. ADHD is something we are becoming more familiar with in general.  If you are someone that has ADHD or disordered eating you are going to learn a lot from this episode. We are going to be sharing tactical tips for […]

ADHD & Intuitive Eating with Becca King

November 2, 2022

Welcome back to the podcast! Happy last week of October! Today’s podcast episode is a reflection I have been having. Recently I have received some not-so-nice comments on Instagram about my body and I really wanted to talk about that in this episode. Today I want to talk about the fear of judgment, playing small, and […]

Letting Go of the Fear of Judgment and Showing up for Yourself During the Healing Journey

October 26, 2022

Today we have an amazing guest. I am so excited to bring back participant stories – folks who have been doing the program and are just sharing their own stories. Today I have Lydia joining us on the podcast. Lydia started the program in May 2021 and has been with me for the last year […]

From Constant Diets to Transformation with Lydia

October 19, 2022

Today we have Alison Hall here on the podcast. We are connecting on sports nutrition and more specifically talking about sports that have a very body-focused aspect and how that works with being anti-diet. This conversation is going to be very interesting. In this episode and every episode of the podcast, we are learning about […]

Combatting Eating Disorders in Athletes with Alison Hall

October 12, 2022