Recovery Program

Eating Disorder


Recovering from an eating disorder is not easy,
however it IS possible.

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Our virtual Eating Disorder Recovery Program™️ offers a supportive and structured approach to recovery from the comfort of your home.

The Eating Disorder Recovery Program™️ is ideal as a step-down program for individuals who have recently been discharged from a higher level of care and are transitioning back into the community. It can also function as a standalone program for individuals who may benefit from the program and do not require a higher level of care.

  Our mission is to support folks in getting access to appropriate and inclusive care from a qualified team of health care providers. 


We are so excited to welcome new participants in the Eating Disorder Recovery Program™️.

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    Our Virtual Eating Disorder RECOVERY Program includes:

    We understand that recovery looks different for everyone and there is no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to eating disorders. By teaming up with The Balanced Practice, you can be confident that we will provide an personalized approach that is inclusive, non-judgmental and supportive so you can feel seen and empowered through your care.

    Registered Dietitians 
    Registered Psychotherapists/Social Worker
    Psychiatrist (as needed)
    Your family physician
    Your Support System (parents/caregivers/partners)

    Your team will include:

    Group-based therapy is supportive for clients recovering from eating disorders. It provides a safe space to connect with others and learn recovery skills. Our group sessions, led by qualified therapists, use an integrative therapeutic approach which includes:


    -Cognitive behavioural therapy
    -Dialectical behavioural therapy
    -Compassion Focused Therapy
    -Interpersonal Therapy
    -Nutrition Education and Exposure 
    And more


    Meal Support

    Meal time can be a very challenging part of recovery. We get it. This is why we are here to provide you support during these hard times. Every week, a registered dietitian will be leading a group meal support call to help you get through challenging meals. 


    Eating disorders impact not only the person but the family and loved ones. We help parents, caregivers and support persons through the recovery process to empower them to support their loved ones. Parents/carevigvier/partners will access pre-recorded modules and worksheets as well as weekly Q&A sessions to give them all the support needed. 

    Care Coordination

    The evidence is clear that an interdisciplinary approach is required to support someone through full recovery. The Balanced Practice offers an interdisciplinary approach all in one place. Coordination of care is done with ease so your care is never compromised.

    Group Therapy Sessions

    Parent, Caregiver, Partner Support

    Individualized sessions

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    AND, you will be receiving a beautiful workbook created and designed by The Balanced Practice Team to support you in implementing your learnings


    NEW ADDITION: In this upcoming cohort, we have added 1:1 support for parents/caregivers to increase the level of support we provide. We KNOW supporting your loved one with an eating disorder is difficult and you also need space and care during the process. We are here for you.

    Now Accepting New Clients

    What to expect ?

    When you are choosing recovery, you are choosing YOU. You are choosing to live, happily and freely. We are so excited and honoured to be part of that journey with you.

    We know that it may seem extremely daunting and scary to begin recovery. Your eating disorder is possibly yelling at you to close this page right now. It is possibly telling you that you won't be able to do this work. We are here with you.

    Recovery is possible and together we will beat your eating disorder.

    We believe in a comprehensive approach that includes your doctor, a therapist and a registered dietitian to truly give you all the tools and support you need to fully recover (& avoid future relapse).

    You can expect to:

    have a support team who truly understands and cares for you.

    work with our team for a few months. This is not a quick fix, we are here to support you to fully.

    be empowered in your own care. We will listen to you and individualize everything for you.

    four Stages of recovery

    Stage Two: Stability

    Stage Three:   On-going Treatment

    Stage Four: Discharge Planning & Relapse Prevention

    All stages MAY include a combination of these services:

    Stage one: Assessment 











    Please note that this program is currently private-pay.

    Note that this service will be billed under "registered dietitian", "psychotherapist" and/or "social worker" therefore may be covered under your private health insurances.

    We also reserve a few compassionate spots and financing options for folks who would benefit from the program but may not have financial access to it. Please connect with us to learn more.

    We are here to support you.

    We have the knowledge and experience to fully support folx in their eating disorder recovery.

     Our evidence based program combines the expertise of an interdisciplinary team to provide the highest quality of support.

     Our approach is weight inclusive, sexuality & gender inclusive, trauma-informed and anti diet culture.

    Because we get it.

    Why work with us?

    The Balanced Practice is a place where you can be seen for you are, supported without judgement and empowered with evidence based knowledge. 

      WE've got some answers for you

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How long is the program?

      There is no set length to the program as your treatment will be personalized for YOU.  On average, our clients engage in treatment for a minimum of  6-9 months. Our goal is to support you through full recovery and prevent any future relapse. Recovery takes time, but it is worth it!

      How often do I see my team?

      Within this program, you will have one individual session/week (with RD or RP), 1 group session/week and 1 meal support session/week. As recovery progresses, appointment frequency may vary.

      Note: Everyone’s journey to recovery is different. Your treatment team will find a model that best suits your needs and supports you through recovery.

      What If I still want to lose weight?

      Weight loss is never prescribed in eating disorder recovery. Therefore, all of our services are weight neutral which means that we do not use weight as a measure of success. Although weight restoration is sometimes the goal, we focus on a person's state over their weight.


      As a registered dietitians and psychotherapists all information, personal and medical, shared with us will be kept confidential unless you consent to sharing information with 3rd party health professionals (such as your doctor).


      We do not require a diagnosis to receive help. Unfortunately in our current health care system, there are many barriers to getting a diagnosis and whether are not you have been diagnosed, your experience is valid and we are here to support. You do not need to wait to get help.




      We do not directly take insurance. However, many insurance companies cover dietetic services as well as psychotherapy and social work. Please speak to your insurance company to find out more about this.