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At The Balanced Practice, we support folx with disordered eating and eating disorders. We have an anti-diet, weight inclusive and trauma informed approach. We work with other health professionals to make sure we can provide the best care our clients. If you think we are a good fit for your client you can send us an email, fax (613-280-1507) or provide our information to your patient/client:​

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Marie-Pier Pitre-D'Iorio, Lead Dietitian

Whether you are starting your private practice or want to feel more competent supporting folx with disordered eating and eating disorders in an ethical way, Marie-Pier offers clinical mentorship in order to support and guide you in your practice. 

Marie-Pier is the founder and lead dietitian at The Balanced Dietitian. She has built a successful practice ethically and can support you in doing the same.  


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