Jasna Robinson-Wright

Registered Dietitian

Many clients feel worried about starting to work with a dietitian. They often feel like they will be judged or all of their favourite foods will be taken away.  

I aim to create a safe environment without judgement. The client is the expert of themselves and we work together to create gradual change and accommodate each client’s individual experiences, needs and goals for nutrition.

I strive to create a welcoming and comfortable environment where clients feel heard and valued and where stigma is removed from eating and from body siz


Clients I support:  
Adults, teens, families, young children, pregnancy/postpartum

Modalities I use: 
Intuitive eating
Health At Every Size
Mindful eating,
  • She lived in New Zealand for 4 years and learned to scuba dive there.
  • Jasna LOVES being the mom of her 2 boys
  • My favourite quote is: 'Of all the shapes we might have been, I say hooray for the shapes we’re in” - Dr. Seuss

More than just work

Challenges I can support you through

Top Specialty
Emotional eating
Young child feeding
Cholesterol, blood pressure, cardiovascular disease
Food allergies, intolerances

Other Expertise
Eating Disorders
Diabetes (prediabetes, type 1, type 2, gestational diabetes)

Jasna's Experience:
I am an anti-diet Registered Dietitian (RD) based in Ottawa, Canada. I have been practicing since 2010 after graduating from my Masters at McGill University. I’ve been a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) since 2019 and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor (CIEC) since 2021. I am experienced in helping clients to heal from eating disorders, disordered eating and emotional eating. I’ve trained and practiced in eating disorder treatment at St. Joseph’s Hospital outpatient eating disorder program and have worked in eating disorder care in public health centres and in private practice.

My master’s thesis was in maternal and young child nutrition and I also specialize in this area including prenatal, postnatal, and young child feeding. I am passionate about helping clients navigate their relationship with food and their bodies during this important life stage, and I am also passionate about helping clients navigate chronic health conditions such as diabetes while also developing a healthy relationship with food and with themselves.

I love one-on-one work as well as groups and presentations. I’ve taught nutrition courses at CPIT college in New Zealand and delivered several workshops to health care professionals. I also love writing and editing nutrition content. I’ve written for Keeping On Magazine and Healthinfo and am a contributing author and editor for the nutrition textbook Culinary Rehab. I’ve also recently edited content on Orthorexia for Dietitians of Canada’s Practice in Evidence Based Nutrition website.

What do I like most about working at The Balanced Practice
I love the vibe of The Balanced Practice team! I feel good working with clients knowing that we can support them with collaborative care and with a variety of care options including group and individual treatment to meet clients where they are at.

What influences my work:  
I have struggled with severe food allergies and related food anxiety and am passionate about helping others heal their relationship with food for this reason. I’m also a parent of two young children and love helping other parents foster a positive relationship with food for themselves and their children.
I’m mixed - half caucasian and half south east Asian

  • Being near the water or having a slow Sunday morning making sourdough  bread brings me a sense of ease
  • I love playing card games! Euchre is my favourite. 
  • My favourite quote is: ''Joy comes to us in ordinary moments. We risk missing out on joy when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary." - Brene Brown, Daring Greatly.

More than just work

Interested in working with Jasna?

The Balanced Practice has evolved to a team of registered dietitians and therapists on a mission to support folks in finding their perfect balance between food, body and mind. We believe that we cannot talk about food without addressing our mindset, beliefs and emotions. We work with our clients to help them walk away from diets, recover from their eating disorder and learn to reconnect to themselves  so they can live their fullest life.

Our approach is weight inclusive, sexuality & gender affirming, trauma-informed and anti diet culture. We firmly believe that health is not reserved for any body type and that your recovery is possible.

the balanced practice?


The Balanced Practice was created to fill the gap & INNOVATE THE WAY ED TREATMENT IS DONE. 

The Balanced Practice is a place where you can be seen for you are, supported without judgement and empowered with evidence based & Lived Experience informed personalized treatment. 

Because life is too short to struggle with your relationship with food & your body. 

The Balanced Practice was founded by Marie-Pier, who after struggling with an eating disorder, noticed a gap in our healthcare system. Through her recovery, she noticed that treatment was often not inclusive, non collaborative or client centered and often offered only short term support.