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Women just like you are letting go of diets, food rules and restrictions... They are finally able to live and eat freely without guilt.
 You can do it too! 

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The Balanced PRogram

I'm no longer stressed about food. It's such a huge change. Before I wasn't able to enjoy food. Just like looking up the menus before you go to restaurants to see what are you allowed to eat, you know? There's no more stress with buffet or a potluck. Food was like a scary thing. Whereas now I'm not stressed about food in the slightest. I can keep food in my house that in the past, I likely would have been binged on.That's no longer the thing. I feel so much joy!

- Jessica, Past Program Participant

I'm no longer stressed about food. [...] Before I wasn't able to enjoy food. I can keep food in my house that in the past, I likely would have been binged on.That's no longer the thing. I feel so much joy!

- Jessica, Past Program Participant

You have been on many diets over the years to try to change the way your body looks..  
Some diets might have been "successful" but it never lasts. After every diet, you feel worse than when you started
You spend so much time thinking about food. It's exhausting
You don't trust yourself around food because it feels like you will lose control and won't be able to stop..

You feel guilty when you eat "unhealthy foods"

You wish you didn't like how food tastes because it would make it easier to restrict

👇Can you relate to this👇

You don't like how your body looks. You feel uncomfortable and it feels like you don't belong in it.
You feel ashamed of your body and blame yourself for getting to this point. You feel the need to hide your body. 
You tend to compare yourself to others which only makes you feel worse.

You stop yourself from going on vacation or social outings because of the way you feel in your body.

You are emotionally exhausted... 

And then, there's your body...

If you RELATE TO any of that 

you probably don't want to keep living this way...

I want food freedom

I want food freedom

Feel good in your body!

Nourish your body without thinking about food all the time 

Eat without guilt or shame!

Feel comfortable around food and feel in control.

Feel confident in your body and take the space you deserve.

Live a long healthy life without having to track another calorie!

You want to...

If this sounds like something you would like, I invite you to...






Guilt Free

The 6 month evidence based group program that was design to help you heal your relationship with food and your body FOR GOOD  

👇what's included👇

Have access to the 4 part proven step-by-step method to heal your relationship with food and your body for good!

 It includes workbooks, resources and tools to help you implement the learnings.

Every week, we will meet for 60 minutes for live coaching call! You can presubmit questions or show up live! All sessions will be recorded for you to watch on your own time.

When you choose to make peace with food and your body, you are going against the grain. This is why being part of a community of women going through the same journey  is essential to support this change!


Fail Free

Diet Culture has taught us that we "fail". The truth is, diets have failed you!

If you are afraid to start this journey because you are afraid to fail, this system was made for you.
This will provide you the tools and support when you need it most.

Well, let me tell you!

The Guilt Free Eating Method

What is

The guilt free eating method is a four part system 

The Guilt Free Eating Method is a proven system that help women ditch diet culture, make peace with food and feel good in their bodies.

It is a step-by-step approach to healing that takes alllll the guesswork away and gives you the exact tools you need to break the cycle for good.  

You have spent enough time at war with your body, it's time to come home to you, with a method that actually works.


Shift Your Mindset

Make Peace With Food

Body Image Work

Practising Self Love + Sustainable Health Habits

If you are like me, you like to know what to expect and how it works
soooooo here's a breakdown:

Part 1: Shift Your Mindset
When we live in diet culture we have many beliefs about food and our bodies that are not serving us. In this first part, you can expect to:
  • Discover and unpack your own diet beliefs 
  • Learn new powerful beliefs so you don't fall into the same traps
  • Discover your self compassionate voice
  • Reject diet culture and breaking the diet mentality for good!
Part 2: Make Peace With  Food
And then there's food! We want to regain control of food and feel empowered! This is exactly what you will learn to do in this section. We are going to :
  • Break the diet cycles so you stop feeling like you need to follow a "plan" or "rules" around food.
  • Normalize food and build a nutrition foundation
  • Understanding your own body and needs
  • Managing emotional eating and cravings like a pro!
  • Becoming an empowered eater and have *true* food freedom
Part 4: Practicing Self Love
And now we want this work to LAST FOREVER. So how? Let me tell you! In this section we will talk about:
  • Health outside of diet culture: learning to take care of yourself without diets
  • How to live in diet culture and protect your own energy
  • Setting goals and achieving them using compassion over shame
Part 3: Body Image Healing
We can't skip over body image work. This piece is SO important. Your relationship with your body impacts EVERYTHING.  In this section you will learn:
  • Understanding body image so you feel comfortable and at home in your body.
  • The Body image healing spectrum and how to increase body satisfaction
  • Decoupling worth from body size 

Hey! I am Marie-Pier (or Marie!), I am an anti-diet registered dietitian on a mission to help folks heal their relationship with food and their bodies so they can live a better and more intentional life!

I learned pretty quickly that when you are obsessed with food and controlling your body, your life becomes smaller and less enjoyable… The stress, the anxiety, the guilt and feelings of failure start to take up way too much space in your life.. 

And this is how I used to live EVERYDAY. Not trusting myself or my body. Constantly battling food and going to bed every night hating my body and my “lack of control”. I was jealous of other women who were naturally thin and just seemed to have food all worked out.. My relationship with food was DRAINING me. 

I knew I didn’t want to live that way anymore. So, I started my own healing journey and completely changed my relationship with food and my body.

Now you may be thinking.. “ok it’s cool you have lived experience but what makes you an expert in this field?” Well to start, I have 2 university degrees in Psychology and Nutrition Science. This unique combination of expertise gives me knowledge and understanding of what it takes to truly heal and have a great relationship with food. But on top of my education, I have now help hundreds of folks heal their relationship with food. And this is not by fluke… I have helped that many people because I KNOW how to and I have a system..

I have created The Balanced Program to support and guide women through the process of healing their relationship with food and their bodies FOR GOOD. I wanted to create a strong community of amazing humans who are ready to level up and step into the best version of themselves (OUTSIDE OF DIET CULTURE!) 

Last words for you: I know how scary this is. I know how it feels to let of what you have been doing for YEARS. But trust me, it’s so worth it. YOU are so worth it and I can’t wait to work with you

Registered Dietitian,
B.Sc. Psychology

Meet Marie-Pier

“I highly recommend The Balanced Program to anyone that has struggled with yoyo dieting. Never realized that there was such a psychological issue that related to my ongoing binging to dieting relationship with food for the past 10 years. I finally can eat freely without regret and judgement towards myself. Her caring and positive attitude towards dealing with my food disorder has been eye opening. She is an absolute ray of sunshine!”

What past participants have said

"I finally can eat freely without regret and judgement towards myself"

Meet Vanessa

Meet Carley

“Marie-Pier is amazing and unlike any dietitian I have ever encountered before! She genuinely understands the struggles we go through and is there to provide valuable insight, sound nutritional advice (that is actually evidence-based!) and friendly words of encouragement. One of the reasons she is unique is that she offers long term plans that support you over a period of several months, during which she helps you track patterns in attitudes, thoughts and behaviours. I believe this is really the most helpful element of her service as it gives me confidence that the changes I’m making are more likely to be sustainable long term.I can't say enough good things about her as a professional- she is truly great at what she does!”​

"it gives me confidence that the changes I’m making are more likely to be sustainable long term"

"I wanted to reach out and say thank you thank you thank you. Thank you for having such a great program. I’m so grateful I get to be part of this journey. Because of this program and working on myself and the challenges you give me. I haven’t thought of compensating after I’ve eaten foods that were previously risky to me. It’s been over a month since I felt true guilt around food and I feel so free and not exhausted by the thought of planning food. Thank you for all the support you give. I appreciate my opportunity to be part of the program."

"I haven’t thought of compensating after I’ve eaten foods that were previously risky to me. It’s been over a month since I felt true guilt around food and I feel so free and not exhausted by the thought of planning food."

What a breath of fresh air, a dietitian who understands that the relationship we have with our food is complex and sometimes painful. This program has unequivocally changed my life by addressing my relationship with my body and with food. Marie Pier is gentle, understanding and will forever be part of my thoughts. Thanks to her, I rediscovered the taste and pleasure of nourishing my body well and loving it, as it is. She will make you work but totally worth it.

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This 6-month program is designed by a qualified health professional using the latest evidence based information and tools.

It is not a DIY program- you will be guided and supported along the way.

Are you ready


This program offers you a proven system, guidance and support. You will be part of a tribe of people just like you, ready to ditch the diets and live            


You have given enough time, money and energy to diets.

You deserve to have food freedom & trust your body.

You are entitled to live a life without shame or guilt.

Why join now?

You have given enough time, money and energy to diets.
You deserve to have food freedom & trust your body.
You are entitled to live a life without shame or guilt.

I am ready to have food freedom and body peace!

The Guilt Free Eating Method
Workbooks, Tools & Resources
Fail Free System
Weekly Live Coaching Calls (with replay available)
Private Community Support
On-going Support & Guidance

You can join 

The Balanced Program

The Guilt Free Eating Method
Workbooks, Tools & Resources
Fail Free System
Weekly Live Coaching Calls (with replay available)
Private Community Support
On-going Support & Guidance

What is the investment?

for as little as $299 CAD/month!

Currently, we offer 2 payment structure:

Apply today!

This is not a quick fix or DIY program. We are committed to support you for 6 months.

Price Breakdown

As a Health Professional with 2 university degrees (Nutrition + Psychology), everything you will learned is evidenced based and has been tested!  I have the expertise to guide you on this journey! #nomoreBS

You have access to 60 minute weekly coaching calls (Total of 26 sessions!) To put things into perspective, typical clinical rates for meetings are $150/hr. 

A supportive and respectful community of women where you can feel seen, heard, supported and loved. We show up in the community multiple times a week to support you!

This program has so much support built in. You are not going through this alone. 

The program is dynamic. It changes and evolves as you do! I am always working on improving and adding new content to best support you.

Spending money on ourselves can be challenging, especially for a program like this that is SO different... but that is the point. We do things differently to give you different results.

This is not just another program... this is a  complete LIFE CHANGE that can lead to food freedom, body confidence, self love, self esteem and so much growth!

(This alone would cost  $3900!)

Stop spending all your time and energy worrying about food and your body.

Stop letting the fear of gaining weight control your life.

Be in control around food and know how to nourish your body without restrictions.

Just enjoy food without any guilt or shame

Be confident in the body 💁🏻‍♀️

Stop body shaming yourself and wishing your body to be different.

Trust your body and trust yourself.

Free your mind to follow your purpose, connect with others and build the life you want.

Stop putting your life on hold and start living.

What if you could...

In my world, this is what we do

i've got some answers for you

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the weekly group meetings look like?

The meetings will be in the form of live Q&A calls. These calls will be recorded and posted for you to watch again later or if you were unable to attend that meeting. You can either ask questions live on the call or send questions in advance that will be answered on the call. There will be an option for you to remain anonymous on the call by not using names or video. There is also no pressure to share or participate, you can just come to listen. These calls are there to support you and to give you information along the way.


The program is designed to take 6 months to complete. This time frame ensures you have time to go through all the modules and have at least one month at the end to get all the support you need while implementing everything you have learned. There is an estimated schedule that would be useful for you to follow, but we get it, life happens. In the end, the speed you go to is your choice and we will be there to support you along the way.


As a registered dietitian all information, personal and medical, shared with me will be kept confidential unless you want me to discuss it with a 3rd party.


This program is weight neutral: it is not intended for weight loss. The program is designed to help heal your relationship with food and your body, we will focus on mindset and healthy behaviours. You may lose weight on the program, but you may also remain the same. The purpose of this program is not focused on weight.


This program is not meant for people currently struggling with an eating disorder. If you are struggling with an eating disorder, please contact me directly so we can work on this one on one.


At this time, we do not directly take insurance. However, many insurance companies that cover dietetics will cover part of this program. Please speak to your insurance company to find out more about this. Please let me know if your company offers coverage, in which case I can write a letter to them as needed.


There are 2 options for payments: pay in full or monthly payments. If you choose the route of monthly payments, these payments will be spread over 6 months (length of the program).